Nail techs: 6 of the best nail treatments and strengtheners to add to your kit

A manicure and pedicure that’s built to last relies on a firm foundation, which is why Mii Cosmetics has developed a comprehensive line of nail treatments to help improve the nation’s nail health.

Mii’s founder Susan Gerrard, an authority on natural nail care, started her career as a manicurist and has worked tirelessly to create a range of first-to-market formulations that put nail care at the forefront. 

Mii Cosmetics Manicure and Pedicure line features more than 100 colours in the new Colour Confidence Nail Polish and Statement Gel polish lines, along with treatment base coats and expert hand and foot care with skincare-focused ingredients.


Six nail products from Mii that will help boost your clients nail health:

Mii Strong and Stable Base Coat1. Strong + Stable Base Coat

This product harnesses the power of pistacia resin oil – a natural oil with proven healing and strengthening properties – to reinforce and repair soft, thin and peeling nails. 

Strengthened and protected, nails have the chance to grow healthier and stronger. Simply apply as either a manicure-boosting base coat or a bi-weekly nourishing treatment.

Salon price: £9.75/14ml | £19.50/9ml (three pk)   

Mii Gloss and Go Top Coat

2. Gloss + Go Fast Drying Top Coat

Ensure your client’s chosen Colour Confidence shade from the collection is built to last by finishing off the manicure with Mii’s high gloss, long-lasting top coat. It boasts a dual acting polymer system to provide unbeatable mirror-like shine to keep that perfect “fresh from the salon” look for days after application. 

The integral UV absorber encapsulated within the gel-like formula protects against UV light to prevent the colour from fading.

Fast drying and with a gel-like finish, tell clients to simply apply every other day to top up the shine. As it is a gel-like formula with a gel-like finish, and dries very quickly, clients only need to use one-to-three strokes over each nail.

Salon price: £7.25/14ml | £16.50/9ml (three pk)   

Mii Wipe and Erase Polish Remover3. Wipe + Erase Acetone Free Polish Remover 

Leave no trace behind with Mii’s hydrating Wipe + Erase – a 100% acetone free nail polish remover. Containing vitamin E, panthenol and castor plant oil (which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties), cuticles and nails are left comfortable and protected. 

Available in two sensual fragrances, Lily of the Valley and Coconut, this product elevates the chore of removing nail polish from a mundane task to a pleasurable treatment.

Moisten some cotton wool with a liberal amount of the polish remover and then press it firmly against the nail before wiping clean. 

Salon price: £4.25/100ml | £8.00/500ml   

Mii Care and Caress hand serum4. Care + Caress Hand Serum

The increased use of sanitisers and stripping soaps makes the launch of Mii’s treatment hand skincare line perfectly timed. Containing the brand’s signature blend of soothing chamomile, calming thyme, powerful antioxidants blueberry and Buddleja Davidii (Wisteria), and nourishing aloe vera, as well as being enhanced by the calming fragrance of aromatic bergamot, earl grey and fresh cucumber, the serum invites a taste of the spa into every home and handbag.  

Simply dispense a small amount of serum and massage into hands and fingers to allow the blend to restore a more youthful appearance to tired and dull hands.

Salon price: £14.50/100ml | £30.00/300ml   

Mii nourish and nurture cuticle treatment oil5. Nourish + Nurture Cuticle Treatment Oil

Often overlooked in day-to-day hand care, cuticles play an essential role in the growth of healthy nails. Suitable for all nail types, Mii’s Nourish + Nurture Cuticle Treatment Oil provides powerful and effective care, promoting a healthier look and feel to this delicate area. 

Easily absorbed and super hydrating thanks to vitamins E and F, coupled with anti-inflammatory and revitalising lemon oil, cuticles are left instantly nourished and moisturised. This exceptional multi-tasking product is also ideal for use on any other areas prone to dryness, including the backs of the hands, knuckles, elbows and knees.

Massage in every evening to promote healthier nails and always use before pushing back cuticles. 

Salon price: £7.75/14ml | £16.50/9ml (three pk)   

Mii Remove and Smooth Callus Peel

6. Remove + Smooth Callus Peel

Nothing screams indulgence like a luxury pedicure, but Mii believes foot care should be more than an occasional treat. Hardworking feet deserve hardworking products, and the Remove + Smooth Callus Peel provides the perfect balance of indulgence and efficacy with each and every use. 

Glycolic acid and salicylic acid have been encapsulated in a revolutionary micro-mist to penetrate quickly and help exfoliate and eliminate dry, hardened skin, while calendula extract, eucalyptus oil and pomegranate seed oil provide a burst of cleansing moisturisation. Use every 10 days to help maintain hydrated, smooth and healthy skin.

Mist directly onto the problem area to soften skin and leave for three minutes, avoiding the nail area. Use Neat + Tidy Stainless Steel Foot File to gently buff the hard skin and calluses away.

Salon price: £12.50/100ml | £22.00/300ml   


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