I’m a lash artist; what’s the best way to ensure a client’s eyelid health?

Eye lid health

I’m a lash artist; what’s the best way to ensure a client’s eyelid health?

Ask your client, would she spend a significant amount of money on a haircut, colour and style without purchasing the necessary aftercare products? The lashes on the eyes are just as important as the hairs on the head but it can be easy for clients to forget to give them the correct care and attention, or neglect them completely.

By using a cleanser specially formulated and developed for the eyelid and lashes, they will help prevent harmful bacteria that can cause redness, itching and other irritations.

Giving lashes and eyelids some extra TLC encourages antibacterial properties, can soothe blepharitis and promote anti-ageing, which is important around the eye area where the skin is extremely delicate.

It’s especially advantageous for clients who are avid wearers of strip lashes or eyelash extensions, which are more prone to a build-up of debris and other foreign objects if not maintained correctly.

Cleansing regularly alongside extensions also makes infills quicker, as the lashes remain in immaculate condition.

Using a cleanser as part of your lash-extension treatment will demonstrate the benefits to clients, making it easier to retail it.

Bridgette Softley head shotBridgette Softley is co-director of pro lash brand Nouveau Lashes and works as an international permanent make-up trainer and eyelash extension specialist in Purley, London.