3 ways to boost salon sales over Christmas and in the New Year

Published 15th Dec 2020 by PB Admin
3 ways to boost salon sales over Christmas and in the New Year

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, beauty is back and here at software company Beu, we’re optimistic that normality will resume soon. With the Christmas peak in full swing, let’s focus on finishing off the year on a high.

We will also reveal how you can land some crucial bookings for the New Year – a time that is traditionally quite for salons and spas. 

Here are Beu’s top three tips for a having a successful Christmas and New Year in salon:

1. ‘Tis the season to be upselling

December is traditionally the busiest month for beauty, with most salons booked flat out. So, rather than focus on getting even more bookings, it makes sense to shift your priorities to maximising your average client spend. 

For example, that cleanser your client loves would make a perfect stocking filler. Simple upselling techniques like this will be a great revenue booster for you. 

2. Book in follow-up appointments for January

A profitable new year is a happy new year. The first couple of months after the Christmas excess can be a little slow in salon, so it’s important to get those January bookings now so you don’t have a plunge in profits next month. 

Try to book follow-up appointments with every client when they leave your salon this month to guarantee future revenue. With Beu, you can book your client in for their next session in a couple of seconds using our app.

3. Ask clients to rate your salon online

Making your salon a fun place where clients can share glamorous shots of their treatment on social media is crucial. Free publicity is the best publicity and your clients’ network will be more receptive of any advertising directly from people they know and trust. 

Ask clients to tag your page on any posts and make sure to have a link to your bookings in your social media bios so you can convert potential new customers. This is something you can easily do with Beu software and, best of all, it’s totally free.

Visit Beu now and get set-up on our slick, free software to keep your salon profitable in 2021.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Dec 2020

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