Video: 3 ways to boost your nail salon’s Instagram engagement

Published 22nd Jan 2020 by PB Admin
Video: 3 ways to boost your nail salon’s Instagram engagement

Engagement is the metric to measure if you want to learn how successful your business profile is doing on Instagram. It shows how frequently your following is interacting with your content – grid posts, stories and IGTV – making it way more valuable than follower count or likes.

“Engagement is the most important aspect of social media. Nowadays, people focus too much on how many followers they have or how many likes a grid post got, but the only way to achieve high numbers across the board is through engagement,” says Tammy Koslowski, nail tech and owner of Naf! Salon in Glasgow.

Koslowski shares her top three tips for getting a good engagement rate on Instagram:

 1. Use Instagram Stories

“I always set nail techs a challenge of posting five Instagram stories a day as people tapping and/or swiping on these creates engagement for your profile,” explains Koslowski. 

“If you’re providing a service like nails, then you always have fresh content in front of you because you’re creating something new essentially every hour. Plus, the great thing about stories is that you don’t have to polish the content either as it is meant to have a behind-the-scenes feel to it.” 

2. Invest in Instagram Lives

“Lives are a great way to get people joining in with your channel and communicating (tuning in and asking questions), and this is so important for engagement rates – and for when you’re trying to express who you are to followers,” says Koslowski.  

“Doing tutorials, a tour of your salon or even chatting through your nail products – why you love and use them – is so invaluable, and because it’s a live video people will stick around to watch it.” 

3. Don’t forget about IGTV

“My biggest advice is to always put your IGTV videos on your Instagram feed because they get so much more engagement on there. If you’re short on time, you could collate all your finished nail look photos from the past month and put them on IGTV as a collage video that’s great content,” advises Koslowski. 

“Or, you could go into your archive, save all the live videos you’ve taken in the past month and collate them together as a behind-the-scenes video of what’s been going on in the salon lately. You don’t need to create a whole production, but it’s about taking the time to collate your work together into a video that people will engage with.” Find out how to schedule your salon’s social media

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd Jan 2020

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