Bringing five-star luxury touches to the urban spa

When clients find an hour or so to get their monthly massage fix, there’s nothing like the local urban spa to keep you supple, limber and ache-free. But, how do you offer the luxury of a five-star spa on a smaller budget?

I have a few cost-effective ideas and practical solutions that can help keep your urban spa ahead of the competition, ensuring clients keep coming back to you.

3 ways to bring five-star luxury to your urban spa:

  1. Work on your welcome

    A simple glance down at the diary to refresh your receptionist’s memory of the name of the next guest to arrive is easy and makes a huge difference on how they make that person feel as they come through the door.

    You should also ensure you are creating an atmosphere that automatically transports your guest to the world of relaxation. An aromatherapy fragrance on an electrical room fragrance will support your message of self-care from the moment they arrive, even if they’ve just come in for a wax. 

  2. Do a thorough consultation

    No matter what treatment your therapists are doing, whether it be an eyelash tint or a massage, before laying hands on the client, ensure the team are consulting. Train them on the questions they should be asking guests.

    Things like a.) confirming they are about to perform the correct treatment, b.) letting the guest know what areas will be worked on so they can adjust the treatment according to their concerns, and c.) asking what pressure they prefer during a massage. 

  3. Offer thoughtful small touches

    There are small and inexpensive, some even cost-free, luxuries that can be incorporated into an urban spa to make a regular experience feel great. Things like using a heated blanket to ensure your guests lay on a warm massage couch, using a silk eye pillow or a small towel to cover eyes during a pedicure, or applying extra product at the end of a generic massage, such as a muscle gel, which can lead to a retail sale.

    Also, create a start ritual for your spa, like a stretching routine, that you do at the beginning of each treatment. Not only will it set you apart from your competitor but it will showcase the therapists body work ability which may lead to further bookings. 

Christina Salcedas Christina Salcedas is head of education for professional skincare brand Aromatherapy Associates

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