British gym-goers found lacking in workout manners

British gym-goers display poor workout etiquette, according to a new study.

An online poll of 1,500 UK gym users found that 82% would carry on with their own workout rather than help out a stranger struggling with their gym equipment.

The online survey also found that as many as 40% would not ask for help themselves if they were having a hard time with a piece of equipment, choosing instead to figure it out themselves.

The poll, conducted by sports and fitness retailer MuscleFood, also found that 21% of gym-goers do not wipe down a sweaty workout bench after an intense workout.

A similar number, 20%, said they would hog two or more pieces of equipment during busy times, leaving others in the gym to go without.

It was not all impoliteness, however. The poll also found that nine out of 10 gym-goers put their weight back on the rack when they’re done with them. A similar number make an attempt to keep noise to a minimum when lifting weights, out of consideration for others.

Darren Beale, director of MuscleFood, said: “There are clearly some dos and don’ts in the gym but in the heat of an intense workout it’s easy to forget the little things you should be doing.

“However, being a little less selfish and following the rules of the gym will make it a much nicer experience.”