Brits don’t research beauty treatments enough, says study

Experts recommend that Brits considering beauty treatments should spend at least three hours researching the clinician, clinic, materials used and price before even having a consultation. 

Research undertaken by pharmacy and aesthetics supplier Primed Pharmacy revealed how long Brits take looking into a range of treatments, from botox to dermaplaning.

Beauty treatment searches saw an increase from March 2021 to August 2021, with searches for “beauty treatments near me” rising by 60%.

The study revealed the more invasive beauty treatments are what Brits spend the most time researching before booking.

How long Brits spend researching beauty treatments

  1. Botox – 2.8 hours
  2. Weight loss injections – 2.7
  3. Other fillers (cheek, under eye, nose) – 2.5
  4. Lip filler – 2.4
  5. Dermaplaning – 2.2

Older age groups are spending over the average time looking into beauty treatments, with 55–64-year-olds spending on average 3.7 hours researching botox, and over 65s spending 3 hours researching weight loss injections. 

Qadir Hussain, chief executive officer at Primed Pharmacy said, “We have heard of many stories of beauty treatments “gone wrong” over the last few months, and so it’s important to remind people of the risks involved with booking a beauty treatment without carefully researching the treatment itself and the clinic or salon that delivers the treatment.”

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