Brow treatments are the most searched beauty terms in the UK

Microblading and HD Brows are among the top beauty searches in the UK over the last 12 months. 

Online beauty retailer Fragrance Direct analysed Google search data across Europe over the last year to find out which beauty and hair terms were searched for the most in each country. 

“What is microblading” and “What are HD Brows” were in the top six searches for the UK including hair terms, and were in the top three beauty searches, with 96,600 and 53,500 searches respectively. 

“How to contour” came in second with 67,900 searches, while “How to apply eyeshadow” was searched for 51,800 times. 

Elsewhere in Europe “Microshading” proved popular, coming out as the top search in Spain, Switzerland and Cyprus. 

Similar to microblading, the semi-permanent brow treatment creates tiny dots of pigment rather than hair strokes and is believed by some technicians to be more suitable for those with oily or sensitive skin or naturally thicker brows. 

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