Changing attitudes drive growth of US male grooming market

Changing attitudes to male beauty routines and the increased spending power of younger men are driving the growth of the male grooming market in the US, according to new research.

Market researcher’s Kline’s recent study on the US male grooming market shows that the segment was valued at US$4.5 billion (£3.4bn) in 2016. Much of this, Kline concludes, is the result of a wider acceptance of men spending time and money on their appearance.

Naira Aslanian, the manager of the report, said: “The taboos are slowly dropping, and a growing number of men are using anti-aging serums and masks, beauty devices, and even makeup.”

However, while segments such as makeup for men are on the rise it is, Aslanian revealed, “categories like skincare and personal cleansing that see the most innovation and progression”.

The report also found that the rising purchasing power of millennial men, who are inspired by the looks of image conscious men in the public eye, is having a positive impact of the male grooming market.

In addition to skincare and cleansing, categories seeing particularly strong sales include deodorants, and shaving products.

The report also found that the preferred channels for the buying of male grooming products are online outlets, as well as the increasingly common subscription box model.