Clarins: Grahik collection

The Graphik autumn makeup collection features products for eyes, cheeks and lips.

The selection for the eyes includes the carbon black Graphik Ink Liner; the Ombre Matte cream-to-powder eye shadow in dark blue; and a four-shade eye shadow palette.

Among the cheek and lip products are Blush Prodige in shimmering rose pink; the jojoba-infused Lipliner Pencil in roseberry and red; and the moisturising, high-shine Joli Rogue lipsticks in Deep Red, Litchi and Guava.

Clarins has also reformulated its best-selling, anti-ageing Double Serum, using a newly identified “cellular listening system” to hydrate, oxygenate, nurture, protect and regenerate.

A key ingredient is turmeric, incorporated for its ability to improve cell communication. 
The serum is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, decrease pore size and deeply hydrate.