Clients call for mandatory regulation and therapist licensing

Published 25th Apr 2019 by PB Admin
Clients call for mandatory regulation and therapist licensing

Over 82% of regular salon clients in the UK want the industry to be subject to mandatory regulation, found a survey by the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (Babtac).

2,000 clients were asked various questions about the industry, including how they felt about regulation. 

1,744 said they believe beauty therapists should have to be trained and qualified in order to work in the industry, with 1,717 (85.85%) expressing the opinion that therapists should be required by law to possess a licence to perform treatments. 

1,641 respondents said there should be mandatory regulation in order to prove that therapists have the qualifications they say they do.

The survey’s findings hinted that even regular salon goers are largely uninformed when it comes to the current lack of regulation; only 38% were aware that there aren’t currently any rules in place that require therapists to have specific training or hold accredited qualifications.

Babtac will use the findings to support its ongoing campaign for Government-approved mandatory self-regulation.

Babtac chair Lesley Blair commented: “Members of the public that we speak to are genuinely shocked to find that a sector performing such personal care is totally unregulated.

“The beauty industry is one of the only personal care industries not regulated in the UK, giving rise to an increasing number of issues across the sector, including high rates of human trafficking, consumer safety concerns and regular scrutiny of professionalism from outside the industry.

“We have been seeing increasing industry support for regulation to support professionalism, but this is the first time we have quantified the extent of client support. 85% highlights extensive demand for regulation, from the general public, so it’s high time that the industry pull together to make this happen.

“The outcome will be positive for all; better standards, higher quality training and client peace of mind.”

Are you in favour of mandatory regulation and/or therapist licensing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Read Lesley Blair’s call to action to safeguard industry regulation ahead of Brexit.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Apr 2019

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