What to do when the client's tan won't take

Published 11th Oct 2017 by PB Admin
What to do when the client's tan won't take

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Help! My client’s tan won’t take. Why is this happening?

If you’re sure you’ve sprayed correctly and given an even coverage, then it’s most likely that your client has something on their skin which is acting as a barrier. Body lotions and rich shower crèmes can stop the DHA in a tan from reaching and reacting with the outermost layer of the epidermis and turning skin the desired golden brown.

The other cause could be that they’ve done the initial rinse off using a body wash. Many solutions are designed to initially be rinsed off using warm water only – to remove the outer guide colour, so clients avoid any colour transfer on their bed sheets – before washing more thoroughly in the morning.

Pre- and post-treatment communication is vital to ensure clients get the results they want. This means making sure they are fully aware of the prep they need to do, such as waxing or shaving eight to 24 hours in advance and not wearing body lotions, oils, deodorant or perfume to their appointment, as these will act as a barrier to the tan.

Nicola Badmus Nicola Badmus is lead trainer for professional tanning brand MoroccanTan, which is distributed by Sweet Squared in the UK and Ireland. She’s worked in the industry for 11 years.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 11th Oct 2017

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