How one clinic owner made £35,000 by introducing new treatments after lockdown

The current economic climate has seen businesses across the country, particularly within our industry, face challenges like never before.

While many clinics and beauty salons battoned down the hatches, others took the opportunity to invest in new treatments to try to boost profits on their return.

Charlotte Ward, nurse and clinical director of Orchardlea Aesthetics in Wiltshire, explains how choosing the right equipment brand was key to her post-lockdown success and how it’s never been a better time to invest in new equipment for her clinic.

Originally looking into new treatments over two years ago, Ward was keen to expand her treatment offering. “I felt like we needed to add something extra to suit everybody’s needs, we previously did a lot of injectables, but I had a lot of clients asking for fat-freezing treatments and advanced facials,” she says.

When looking into what was available on the market, she was drawn to 3D-Aesthetics: “I’ve been following the brand for two years. I’d been thinking about investing for a while, but I wanted to make sure that it was the right machine. I saw that the treatments have won lots of awards, which sold it to me really as I like evidence to back up the claims made from a company. I had also heard very good things about the treatments, so I went and tried them for myself as a client and was really pleased.”

3D-Aesthetics Business Stimulation Initiative

“I had seen that they had launched a Business Stimulation Initiative during lockdown, which meant I only had to pay £50 per month for the first six months and I benefitted from a huge 40% off the equipment price. I decided to go ahead and purchase the 3D-lipo ultimatepro and 3D-HydrO2 machines," continues Ward.

“Allowing me to introduce these treatments at such an affordable price really kick-started my business following the first lockdown. We have never been so busy, to the point that, when other businesses are having to cut staff, we have had to take on three new employees to cope with the demand. From me paying out £200 in total since I bought the machines, I’ve taken over £35,000 on just these machines. It’s incredible. We are so busy, it’s mental.

“The feedback from clients has been amazing in terms of results, and one of my clients actually lost a whopping four inches in just one week. We have so many clients booked onto courses, with most achieving significant inch loss with 3D-lipo, and it’s nice to see my clients really feeling better about themselves, especially with all of the doom and gloom around.

“Due to the success of these treatments in my clinic, I am taking further advantage of the extended Business Stimulation support on offer from 3D-Aesthetics. For me, it was a no brainer to take on the new 3D-powersculpt, 3D-HIFU, and 3D-trilogyice.

"Lockdown number two may be here, but I have proven to myself that if you get the right investment, it can work. I know that these treatments will again kick-start my business when re-opening. The fact I only have to pay £50 per month completely takes that pressure off and there isn’t much of a risk.

“I am really impressed by the support behind the company. Everybody is extremely helpful and someone always deals with my queries really quickly; it’s really refreshing. I can honestly say that the Business Stimulation Initiative from 3D-Aesthetics helped to relaunch my business post lockdown and is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

3D-Aesthetics in Dr Leah Clinics

3D-lipo & 3D-HydrO2 facial were also recently featured in the Mail Online as part of a national round-up of "10 great ideas for health and wellbeing" with Dr Leah and Lord Sugar having taken on 3D-lipo ultimepro and 3D-HydrO2 facial throughout Dr Leah Clinics.

To find out more about 3D’s Business Stimulation Initiative, contact 01788 226512 or visit the website to get a quote.

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