Come with your team and colleagues to Professional Beauty London

Professional Beauty London, the UK's leading beauty trade show, is finally back on March 3-4 at ExCeL London. The event is the best place to get new ideas, learn about product updates, and meet and greet peers and industry greats. Click here to get your tickets.

The beauty show is so exciting, but it can also be quite hectic, the best way to make the most out of the two days is to bring your team and colleagues with you! 

3 reasons why you should bring your team to Professional Beauty London 

1. Transform the salon together

Pull the team together – what could be better in your salon right now? Use this as an opportunity to consider what you could upgrade. Could you provide a better client experience? Are you missing out on a particular market because you haven’t got the right equipment to provide a certain type of treatment? 

Bringing your team together will allow you to make joint decisions on the new treatments and equipment to choose for the forthcoming year, and it’s a brilliant incentive to increase work motivation in the build up to Christmas. 

2. Continue to learn as a business 

Is there something you don't have the time to do? Do you have a strategy in place to make the most out of the festive season? Are you using Google Ads and Facebook Ads to attract new clients?  Professional Beauty London brings an abundance of learning opportunities across three live stages.

With talks and demonstrations from inspirational experts, just one hour can arm you with the tools to refresh your skills and make significant changes to your business for the long-term. Make a list of 5 things you would like to learn or change and select the sessions that can help you achieve your objectives.

3. Network and meet your role models

One day at Professional Beauty London is very busy. You will have to take breaks throughout the day, but, you can use them. Maybe call a friend or industry peer before the show and invite them to meet you and your colleagues for a coffee in one of our cafés.

The show is the best place to catch-up with all your beauty friends that you never find the time to see during the year.

To register for Professional Beauty London 2024, it’s very simple, just click here, create your account with your email address and password and fill in our registration form. Each team member has to use their unique email address to register.