Comfort Zone: Christmas gift sets

The Italian skincare brand is offering clients seven different holiday gifts sets this year.

Packaged in elegant boxes decorated with 3D imagery of the key actives in the products they contain, the coffrets cater for a range of budgets and skincare needs.

Among the options is the three-product Tranquillity Must Haves, featuring a shower cream, body lotion and hand cream scented with cedarwood, sweet orange and Damascus rose essential oils.

The Essential Kit – with a face wash, toner and scrub, drawing on sugar beet extract and designed to respectively cleanse, remove makeup and exfoliate.

The Man Space Survival Kit comprises the Shower Performer shower gel and the Hydra Perfomer, to moisturise skin after shaving; while the products in the Hydramemory Kit, a mask and a cream, uses ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and moringa oil to moisturise and revive.

The Renight Kit features a goji berry and macadamia-enriched cream and mask, to repair skin and combat free radical damage.

Comprising a body cream, hand cream and shower cream, the Tranquillity Kit aims to help with complete mind-body relaxation.

Rounding off the Christmas collection is the Sublime Skin Kit, featuring a serum and an eye cream created to plump, tone and revive.