DNA testing and healthy experiences to shape beauty market in 2018

Home DNA testing is predicted to have a big impact on the beauty industry in 2018.

Market analyst Euromonitor predicts the trend will take hold this year as more people want access to personalised goods and services, appealing to “consumers’ increasingly health-obsessed and self-centric sensibilities”, said the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2018 report.

Genomics has already made waves in the industry, with companies like Geneu operating on the idea that skin ageing is largely influenced by genes as opposed to external forces.

The process results in a bespoke prescription of serums for customers based on what their DNA says about how their skin will age.

Euromonitor cited Credence Research figures that predict the global genomics market will grow to USD $340 million (£243m) by 2022, from $70m (£50m) in 2015.

The report also said 20-29 year olds will be best targeted with experiences that allow them to spend time with loved ones and take part in “healthier social alternatives” to clubbing or drinking, such as beauty or spa experiences that focus on teaching rituals for clean living.