Consumers warned against attempting DIY lash extensions

Lash extension experts are warning consumers about the dangers of attempting to recreate lash extension services on themselves at home.

DIY lash extensions is the latest worrying beauty trend to hit social media, made popular by social influencers on Instagram like US user @trapical.punch, who shared a step-by-step guide with followers.

The guide recommends two salon-strength lash glues and instructs readers simply to dip clusters of lashes into the glue with tweezers “and keep doing it until you get them to look how you want.”

Beverly Piper, co-founder of The Eyelash Design Company, highlighted the dangers of non-professionals attempting the treatment themselves: “Not only are you using sharp metal tools near your own open eye, but you will also be partly blocking your own vision… since you can't see all that well, who knows where these lashes are being placed, and if they are in the right position or not? Even one misplaced lash can cause quite a bit of discomfort and look unsightly.”

She added that it’s important to highlight to consumers that during professional services the eyes are closed to reduce the chance of getting adhesive in the eyes, and the lower lashes are separated from the upper to avoid sticking them together. “…especially if you’re using a strong adhesive, your lashes will be difficult to separate without causing damage,” she said.