Corinthia London launches new wellness concept Neuroscience in Residence

Published 15th Nov 2016 by PB Admin
Corinthia London launches new wellness concept Neuroscience in Residence

The Corinthia Hotel London, home to spa Espa Life, is hosting a year-long Neuroscience in Residence programme in a bid to expand its wellness offering.

Dr Tara Swart, leadership coach and senior lecturer at MIT, will examine the mental resilience of spa and hotel guests, as well as Corinthia’s staff, to analyse how they cope with stress.

Launching this month, various experiences and packages will be available to help guests build mental resilience and achieve peak brain performance, focusing on neuro-nutrition, restorative sleep, hydration, mindfulness and exercise. 

VIP guests will be rewarded with one-to-one taster sessions with Dr Swart, learning how to achieve peak brain performance and gain a competitive edge by focusing on an integrated approach to the brain-body connection. Four talks will also take place at the hotel throughout the year for guests in a bid to showcase the concept.

“As a neuroscientist, I’m fascinated by how the human brain works, and as a leadership coach I advise people whose professions or lifestyle mean that mental resilience is essential and expected. It’s hugely exciting to be researching this in more depth in partnership with Corinthia,” said Dr Swart. 

Neuroscience is the study of the brain and how it impacts behaviour and cognitive function, understanding how the brain works and why people behave the way they do.

At the end of the residency, the data will be collated in a special “Brain Power” study, generating insight into how to maximise our potential – both at home and work – by building mental resilience to succeed in stressful environments.

Image: The Spa Lounge at the Corinthia 


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Nov 2016

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