Update to Covid-19 guidelines for beauty salons, spas and mobile businesses in Scotland

The Scottish Government has updated its Covid-19 guidance for the retail sector, including close contact services, but mobile beauty therapy is still prohibited and facials remain off the menu.

The latest update to the coronavirus guidance includes a Q&A section for close contact services to provide “further clarity” to beauty businesses operating in Scotland, giving a greater “understanding of what [they] need to consider and do to ensure they operate safely and within the law”.  

A question and answer section on coronavirus local lockdowns has also been added to give further guidance to businesses. The Scottish Government announced new local restrictions on October 7 that will last for 16 days, but salons are not directly affected by this.  

However, it’s important to note that mobile beauty services remain prohibited for the time being and spas are not permitted to fully reopen. 

Some of the key Covid-19 close contact service guidelines on the Scottish Government website that beauty salons should be aware of:







Read the rest of the Scottish Government’s updated Q&A on the Covid-19 guidelines for close contact services so you stay in the know. 


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