The profitable treatments that will help salons make more revenue in 2021

Published 06th Nov 2020 by PB Admin
The profitable treatments that will help salons make more revenue in 2021

2020 has been an unprecedented year for the industry, with continued uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic plaguing many beauty and aesthetic businesses future plans for growth. 

The enforced temporary closure of salons and aesthetic clinics in England, Wales and Ireland has had, and is continuing to have, huge implications for beauty business owners, with “kick-on” effects being felt by many industry suppliers and manufacturers. 

Beauty brands have had to revaluate and adapt their product offerings to help match the new needs and requirements of UK salons. With the impact Covid-19 has had on salons and clinics bottom line, many are thinking of innovative ways in which they can claw back this year’s lost revenue. 

How can Cutera's XEO SA can help your salon or clinic make more money next year?

Cutera XEO SA

Considerations will need to be made when making changes that ensure your beauty business is more profitable moving forward. This is why leading laser and IPL manufacturer Cutera has launched its new introductory level multi-technology IPL platform XEO SA, which is designed as the “perfect first steps into advanced treatments”. 

Offering more than 12 different treatment options, the XEO SE presents beauty therapists with a safe and easy to use medical-grade device which is highly effective across some of the most in-demand advanced aesthetic treatments. 

Cutera has also announced it will be offering free-of-charge training to all new customers to ensure they are up and running as soon as possible. 

“2020 has had a huge strain on many beauty salons and clinics, who have all had to revaluate their business models and look at ways in which they can be more profitable in 2021,” said Tim Taylor, UK country manager at Cutera.

“This is why I am delighted to announce the new XEO SA, which is an easy to use, multi-technology IPL platform that allows users to treat more than 12 highly in-demand indications, ranging from permanent hair reduction, to pigmentation, skin tightening and multiple vascular concerns.  

“We are also providing free of charge core of knowledge and Level 4 training as part of our 2021 Starter Pack promotion to cover everything a beauty  business needs to make the step up required to introduce these type of treatments.” 

The Cutera 2021 Starter Pack promotion will run until December 18, 2020, with limited availability. It is also subject to T&Cs.  

Find out more about how Cutera can help your beauty business

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 06th Nov 2020

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