Daniel Friedland coaches spas on how to be a great leader for Virtual Spa Week

Published 02nd Apr 2020 by PB Admin
Daniel Friedland coaches spas on how to be a great leader for Virtual Spa Week

Daniel Friedland, chief executive of Super Smart Health, founding chair of the Academy of Integrity of Health and Medicine and co-creator of  wellnessevidence.com, shared his insights on Mindfulness & Leadership with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, World Spa & Wellness conference producer and World Wellness Weekend founder, for our Virtual Spa Week series.

Virtual Spa Week is a series of live and interactive webinars to help guide spa operators navigate this difficult period during coronavirus.

The pair first discussed why Friedland’s book, Leading Well from Within, is more important than ever with the recent coronavirus outbreak, looking into the managing of stress and self-doubt through conscious leadership. Touching on the organisation Conscious Capitalism, Friedland broke down how an understanding of certain aspects of neurobiology and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can help us.

Friedland goes on to explain the relationship between reactivity and creativity and how this is inherently related to leadership and mindfulness, defined as the power to notice and choose.

Friedland’s four in four framework, outlined more clearly in his book, is then briefly broken down in and listed as below

1. Recognise and manage reactivity

a) Pause

b) Breathe

c) Name it

d) Consider your best response

2. Reappraise stress and self-doubt

a) Recognise

b) Embrace

c) Ask

d) Leverage

3. Cultivate Legacy

a) Vision

b) Strategy

c) Implementation

d) Results

4. Catalyse growth

a) Ask

b) Find

c) Evaluate

d) Apply

Finally, Friedland shared personal insight into his own coaching methods, including being on-call for students 24/7, claiming the ground of “love and belonging” through intent listening, and elevating to the ground of “significance” through six key questions, as listed below:

1. What matters most and why?

2. What's been most succesful in the past?

3. What are your current strengths?

4. What is your vision for success?

5. What strategies will best enable your success?

6. What will you implement to achieve your results?

See the full line-up and sign up to participate in all the free Virtual Spa Week webinars here.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 02nd Apr 2020

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