British skincare brand DermaTx has introduced the Microdermabrasion System, the first the brand has launched specifically for at-home use.

The system comprises three exfoliating products: the Brighten, Clarify and Rejuvenate Microdermabrasion Creams, as well as an applicator head to massage them in.

Brighten is particularly suitable for uneven skin and is designed to boost radiance, reduce age spots, minimise pigmentation and improve skin tone.

Clarify is targeted at clients with acne-prone skin that suffers from breakouts and draws on actives including retinol and tea tree oil to balance sebum production and combat bacteria.

Rejuvenate, for sensitive to normal complexions, features vitamins C and E to encourage cell turnover and lactic acid to bolster collagen production and is said to leave the skin smooth and toned.

The DermaTx applicator head is a facial tool that uses micropulsed vibrations to enable the micro crystals contained in the three creams to gently but effectively exfoliate the skin on a deeper level.

The tool features interchangeable heads and a brush that can also be used for deep cleansing, in place of an applicator head.