What to consider when choosing a make-up range for your salon

What factors should I consider when choosing a make-up range for my salon?

Choosing a line of colour cosmetics to stock and use on clients is a big decision for any salon owner because it can help build client loyalty and generate repeat business.

Keep an eye out for brands that have appropriate skin shades for your client base and an easy-to-understand shade system, so your team can feel confident selling it while your clients can feel comfortable self-selecting it, if necessary.

The two base products that are most widely used by women are foundation and concealer, so take this into consideration when choosing your range. In terms of formula, liquid foundations and concealers tend to fit the widest range of clients and are easily applied with fingers, brushes and sponges, depending on your client’s preference.

Although popular, cream and powderbased foundations require an applicator tool to get a good result and can be unflattering or too heavy for drier or more mature skin types, so consider your average client age before investing.

I would recommend carrying a base range that works on the widest selection of clients as opposed to selecting a range simply because of a current trend. As a salon owner, floor space and cost are also important factors, so look for a relatively compact range of highperforming, multi-tasking products.

James McKnight is a freelance make-up artist and brand ambassador for New CID Cosmetics, which offers a wide range of professional make-up products.