Eco Masters launches in Europe

Published 28th Apr 2017 by PB Admin
Eco Masters launches in Europe

Following their soft launch a few weeks ago, Eco Masters are now ready to step in front of the curtain and reveal themselves proper, launching all throughout Europe.

This new, premium cosmetics and skin care range wanted to spend a little time making sure that they were completely ready for the formal introduction to the market. “Rather than rush the release of Eco Masters, the aim was to first establish some good foundations for the brand. We achieved this by building up an immediate awareness through a network of strong social media influencers, bloggers and vloggers”, reveals Social Media Executive, Ludovica Maffey.

Now that the brand is here, what does it consist of? All ten of products in the Eco Masters collection are based on Europe’s most effective and highly sought after spa and salon procedures.This includes: Facial Kit – Features grey Slovenian clay that is hand extracted and sun dried, in order to preserve the high mineral content.

Clay has been used to benefit the look and feel of skin since as far back as Ancient Egypt and remains a popular ingredient. Titanium Dermaroller – This method is in very high demand at salons at this time. The Eco Masters Dermaroller aims to stand out as it has a very high number of very durable, titanium bristles. Facial Steamer – This is another procedure that has proven to be incredibly popular in clinics, recently.

Whereas most steamers have some sort of bowl shaped design to place the face into, Eco Masters Facial Steamer delivers ionised steam directly in front of the face.

Samuel Ruddy, UK Business Manager, explained that, “we analysed our markets to understand what customers wanted right now and developed products to reflect and resonate with this demand.”Eco Masters is the latest release from London based distributor Vitenza, who specialise in top of the range beauty goods, working with leading salons, clinics, site and stores.

For more information on this latest line, please contact [email protected]

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 28th Apr 2017


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