Guest blog: how can I incorporate make-up into my spa services?  

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Make-up artist Tiffany Kissler reveals how offering a finishing touch of hydrating and light make-up coverage with treatments could help build customer loyalty.

When your customers sit up from their treatment, it’s important for them to have the look and feel of a clean, glowing complexion, but it’s also an essential part of the spa experience to ready them for the outside world – especially as many urban spas don’t have the luxury of allowing clients to linger for longer.

Clients often head home or back to work on public transport post-treatment, so you need to ready their skin for the “real world” by offering a service with a finishing touch of hydrating, light coverage make-up. It will ensure your client leaves feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and an overall uplifted version of themselves. 

How do I incorporate make-up into treatments?

Just as skincare is incorporated during spa treatments, I believe the application of the right make-up will enhance the look, feel and texture of clients’ skin before they leave the spa. In order to seamlessly incorporate make-up into the full spa experience, you have to continue to keep the conversation all about the skin.

The purpose of colour beauty products is not to overshadow or cover-up the beautiful skin services provided prior – it is to enhance the glowing skin therapists are working hard to achieve through carefully planned treatments. Any make-up product applied after should be wearable and healthy for the skin.

What make-up should I use?

For example, provide a lightweight and buildable application experience with a hydrating foundation or feather-light powder, both are products that are easy for therapists and clients to apply.

It is also essential to ensure your make-up range is formulated with skincare ingredients. A foundation packed with seaweed or a concealer with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and keratin will have a dual-effect on the skin.

Make-up formulas should be a continuation of your clients’ daily skincare regimen. So, offering products in a full shade range that are also hydrating and soothing will only further enhance the client’s experience and leave them feeling like a renewed version of themselves.

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Tiffany Kissler Tiffany Kissler is director of style and artistry for professional make-up brand Vincent Longo Cosmetics.