Editor's comment: why we should welcome new tech with caution

Published 30th Apr 2018 by PB Admin
Editor's comment: why we should welcome new tech with caution

The fast-paced nature of the beauty industry is one of the things that make it such an exciting business to work in. Hardly a month goes by without a game-changing innovation for salons and spas to introduce to their treatment menus or retail shelves.

While some of these turn out to be more of a flash in the pan, those that take off bring a level of client excitement and media attention that’s the envy of most other service industries.

Plasma is the latest technology to take the beauty world by storm and our in-depth feature in the May issue delivers everything you need to know about this promising new modality, including its capabilities, contraindications, training options, and the major variations between devices.

However, as with so many new treatments, the speed at which plasma is gaining popularity means people are so keen to grab a slice of the profits that they don’t stop to analyse the associated risks.

In any self-regulated market, there will always be outsiders looking to cash in on the next big thing, and introducing questionable products in order to make a quick buck. Last month we examined the potential complications of microblading in the wrong hands, and this month plasma gets the same attention. While the tech can work wonders for skin rejuvenation, the risks of burning and scarring need to be taken very seriously. Get the lowdown in the May issue.

While adding treatments can be a fantastic way to open up your business to new customers, sometimes it can be more cost-effective to maximise your existing offer and make sure you’re reaching all potential client bases. Our waxing feature in this issue uncovers how to target the growing number of men looking for smoother skin.

From where to focus your marketing to how to tackle ingrown hairs, this manscaping 101 arms you with all the tools you need to meet the needs of men. Meanwhile, our tanning focus takes a fresh look at the seasonal bridal market, with tips to cater for the whole bridal party.

The May issue is out now. A digital version can be bought online for £1.49 – or it's just £9.99 for 12 issues. The print edition is just £37 for an annual 12-issue subscription. Make sure you’re always the first to read the news and trends by subscribing online.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 30th Apr 2018

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