Editor's comment: why it's time to look after the mental wellbeing of our therapists

There’s never been a more important time to focus on the wellbeing of our therapists and teams. With modern slavery within salons back in the spotlight following arrests made at the start of the year, plus a stronger-than-ever demand for treatments that address mental as well as physical health, it’s vital to look within and ensure that when it comes to wellness, just as much importance is placed on our therapists as our clients.

For salon owners who already look after their teams by taking measures to avoid injury and encourage team building, it can be tricky to know what more to do. Avoiding situations that lead to stress or injury plays a huge part in looking after the mental wellbeing of staff, but some individuals will benefit from a more personalised approach.

Our feature in the Feb issue of Professional Beauty magazine explores the topic of mental health in the workplace, suggesting ways to identify and support team members who may be suffering with depression or anxiety. According to the experts, often the best starting point is to simply make it clear that it’s OK to talk about these issues without the fear of being judged.

During our recent SOS Support Our Salons competition (which has relaunched ahead of Professional Beauty London) a huge number of salon owners told us that learning how to manage stress and anxiety caused by keeping a business profitable while managing the expectations of their team and clients was the biggest business challenge they had overcome. So, our feature also addresses ways for employers to care for themselves, which will ultimately make them more effective leaders.

One shining example of a salon owner who has overcome the worst kind of adversity to lead a thriving business is Pride of Britain Awards winner Katie Walker. A survivor of domestic violence, Walker went on to open her own salon, where her team is trained to spot signs of abuse in clients. She shares her inspiring story with us in the Feb issue.

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