EF Medispa launches Cellufix Treatment

Baldan Group's T-ShapeEF Medispa has created a non-invasive cellulite treatment using the Italian beauty company Baldan Group’s T-Shape technology.

The Cellufix treatment claims to improve the skin’s appearance and texture, as well as tone the body and help with inch loss.

The treatment uses a combination of technologies including radiofrequency and infrared light to boost collagen production and smooth out dimpled texture on the skin; cold laser therapy to target stubborn fat on the stomach, arms, thighs and buttocks; and vacuum aspiration to improve blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins.

The treatment can take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. It involves no downtime and clients are recommended to have a course of eight to 10 treatments to get the best results.

Contact Baldan Group for more information.