Facebook and Instagram posts strongly influence UK consumers’ beauty buys

Woman shopping on her mobile

UK consumers are turning to social media platforms Facebook and Instagram to inform their beauty purchases more than ever before, according to Teneo Blue Rubicon’s Mobile Makeover Report, which the consultancy created on behalf of the social media companies. 

Now, 45% of consumers shop online more than they did a few years ago and just over a third (39%) use social media to buy beauty products, the report found.

Just under half (44%) search Instagram for inspiration, with shoppers checking their account on average 21 times a day, and for 67% of users, seeing an interesting post will lead to further action – in the form of buying a product or researching it further.

Nails are the most talked about topic on Instagram, making up 26% hashtags, followed closely by eyes (21%) and lips (21%). Winged eyeliner is the most-shared look on the platform, the report found.

When it comes to Facebook, more than two thirds (69%) say they are active on the site every day, with many using it to find out about latest launches (26%) and research information on popular beauty products (25%).

A further 42% use the site to gather advice in the form of reviews, resulting in a 19% increase in mentions of “beauty” on the platform in the past year.

Facebook and Instagram have also become an educational tool, with 74% now watching how-to videos from successful MUAs and beauty bloggers.