Festive nail art step-by-step: minimal monochrome

If your clients aren't fans of over-the-top festive designs, then this minimalist Christmas tree nail art is the way to go. 

In the second of our three exclusive nail art designs with pro brand Bio Sculpture, tech Nicola Barlow demos a chic monochrome design for clients whose motto is 'less is more'.

Get the look:

Step one – Apply two coats of French White to the middle and ring fingers using a round brush. Cure between each layer

Step two – Apply two coats of Liquorice to the thumbs and the pinkie and index fingers, curing after each

Step three – To create your minimalist Christmas trees, use an upper arch brush to paint a triangular outline on each of the four white nails, coming up from the cuticle to the centre, using the black gel

Step four – Using your round brush again, fill in the triangles on the ring fingers with two coats of black gel. On the middle fingers, leave the triangle white and fill the rest of the nail in black, curing after each layer

Step five – With the upper arch brush, paint two fine diagonal lines across each triangle for your minimalist tinsel, using white gel over the black triangles and black gel on the white

Step six – With the same brush and contrasting colour, add a small dot at the top of each tree then cure.

Note: The nails were first prepped appropriately, painted with Base Gel and cured. Every look was finished with a coat of clear Soft Gel to seal in the design which was cured before a layer of Evo Gloss Top Coat was applied, followed by a final curing.

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