BeCa Lasers named sole UK distributor of Formatk Systems

Published 25th May 2018 by PB Admin
BeCa Lasers named sole UK distributor of Formatk Systems

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BeCa Lasers has been appointed as the new and sole distributor of Formatk Systems UK.

BeCa Lasers is relaunching the Formatk Range, comprising lasers and aesthetic devices that use a spectrum of technologies including; IPL, 808nm diode laser, Nd:YAG, diamond peel, R-Sonic & radiofrequency into the market.

The Formatk Range is made up of four systems namely; Magma Platform, Magma Spark, Forma All-in-One, and the Forma Light. The Magma Platform offers a unique combination of three technologies in one device namely: Diode Laser, Nd:YAG and IPL. The system allows for complete control over energy, frequency, pulse duration and other parameters. The Magma Spark is a dedicated 808nm Diode Laser to treat Hair Removal, the system makes use of contact cooling to create a satisfying treatment for the client which results in a the zero-downtime recovery period after treatments. The Forma All-in-One hosts four technologies; IPL, R-Sonic, RF and Diamond Peel. The collaborative combination of the four technologies is what makes the system unique. The synergy between the technologies allow for diverse and inclusive procedures which will optimize the results of the treatments. Finally, the Forma Light is a compact and durable IPL system designed to meet the demands of a busy salon and clinic while offering a wide range of IPL treatments. This system provides you with the ability to offer a wide variety of treatments.

BeCa Lasers Ltd is led by a group of directors that have 30+ years of experience in the aesthetic, surgical, and beauty laser technology market. This holistic aesthetic technology experience allows BeCa Lasers Ltd to be a client-centric driven business, where all efforts are designed to guide the client in making successful strategic decisions.

The directors of BeCa Lasers said: “We specialise in helping you grow your business. In today’s ever growing, fast paced aesthetics industry where clients are seeking an “all in one” clinic solution. We strive to help clinics achieve this through our key values, namely; Affordability, Reliability & Efficiency. Other than guiding you through the process of investing in aesthetic technology we provide Clinical Training, Marketing Support, Technical Support as well as Practical Support to give you the practical start and continuation to your investment.”

Contact BeCa Lasers on 01223 501106, [email protected] or

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th May 2018


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