Episode 10: Freddie Moross on functional music in the wellness space

Published 11th Aug 2023 by PB Admin

Spas and salons are already starting to consider the importance of scent when it comes to setting the mood in the space, creating memorable multi-sensory experiences and even brand recognition and awareness.

Freddie Moross believes that music in the wellness space should be approached with the same level of curation and professionalism which is exactly what he is doing with startup Myndstream. 

Having been brought up surrounded by music Freddie Moross was always intrigued by how it evoked emotion in him…

Myndstream aims to analyse and understand elements of musical composition, much like a nutritionist, to determine the nutritional value of ingredients in a recipe. Myndstream robustly tests music to provide its artists with a framework to make informed creative decisions whilst providing listeners to find music when they are seeking improved health outcomes - he believes that music should be able to be prescribed in the wellness space much as scent and aromatherapy would be. 

In this episode, we discuss music as a tool for mental health, how it can enhance the experience of your space and even build your brand.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 11th Aug 2023

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