Free glass recycling service for beauty businesses launches

A free recycling service has launched to help beauty businesses who are struggling to meet their sustainability targets due to administrative and financial burdens. 

The glass waste collection from recycling provider FreeCollections is a way for beauty salons to improve their green credentials, which is crucial when recycling rates for businesses and private residences in the UK is only at 43%. 

The scheme aims to dramatically reduce the amount of glass waste in the UK which makes it way to landfill, while also encouraging beauty salons and businesses to think more carefully about what they can do to help the environment

This comes at a time when the Government is cutting down on plastic waste and even potentially banning wet wipes, which contribute to 93% of water blockages known as “fatbergs”. 

Spaces on the scheme are limited. Apply now to see if you’re eligible for the free glass collection.  

“As a nation we are, unfortunately, still way behind when it comes to recycling, and reducing un-recycled business waste is a crucial aspect of tackling the problem,” said Mark Hall, communications director for FreeCollections. 

“Many businesses are still putting glass into their general waste bin, for a variety of reasons. Some don’t think they have the time to take their glass to a suitable recycling centre, or many are put off by the cost of having their waste glass collected. 

“We’re removing those barriers to offer businesses in the UK the opportunity to have free recycling collections – a huge boom for businesses with lots of recycling, and a simple way to help a business ‘go green’. We hope that this will push recycling rates up dramatically and make England a shining example of recycling excellence.”

A new association is also launching this spring with the aim of championing spas that meet high standards of sustainability