Gel-polish nail art guide for trainee techs

Published 16th May 2018 by PB Admin
Gel-polish nail art guide for trainee techs

Q: I’m a trainee tech. How can I perfect my gel-polish nail art?

Creating nail art with gel-polish doesn’t have to be complicated; simplicity is often the key for amazing results. When starting out, it’s important to get yourself equipped correctly. Invest in a couple of good brushes, such as a long striper and fine detail, and then learn how to use them well.

When it comes to learning different designs, choose one pattern to master and then take your time practising it. One of the most common issues you’ll face is that gel-polish tends to spread when applied over a tacky residue. Always wipe residue off before doing any artwork because it avoids the polish looking like a splodge.

You should also give the final design an extra cure to make sure it has dried well before you apply the top coat, which I gently dab on with a top coat brush to avoid colour dragging and a messy finish.

Once you’ve become an expert in gel-polish nail art, don’t be afraid to try different mediums such as 3D acrylic and acrylic paint. To make a difference in your nail art offer, you need to go outside your comfort zone to grow as a professional.

Julie-Anne LariviereJulie-Anne Larivière is a nail design expert for Salon System, which distributes Gellux. She has 10 years’ industry experience. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 16th May 2018

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