Global spa community unites for World Wellness Weekend

More than 1,000 wellness properties and 30 global spa and tourism associations from 47 countries have pledged to join in the second edition of the fun-filled wellness event.

Held on September 22 and 23, World Wellness Weekend aims to inspire participants to use joy as a motivation for living a healthier lifestyle.

During the weekend, spas, hospitality groups, beauty institutes, fitness clubs and wellness communities will create innovative healthy and fun events.

These will include yoga with a live musician, water Zumba, flash mob dance events, sensorial workshops including massage, facial gymnastics and eye yoga.

There will also be creative workshops with make-up application and creating custom perfumes, among other things, on the agenda.

World Wellness Weekend, known as W³, is coordinated by Jean-Guy de Gabriac author, strategist and chief executive officer of Tip Touch international.

“Joy seem to be a much stronger driver than fear to encourage people to implement healthier lifestyles,” he commented.

“When people are having fun in spas, yoga studios, fitness clubs that become vibrant social scenes, featuring exciting classes and instructors/youtubers/influencers, churn rates drop.

“Not only do people visit more frequently, but also, they encourage their friends to join and become their wellness buddies, watching over each other’s commitment for a healthier, richer lifestyle.”

Last year, the World Wellness Weekend launched in just two countries. Since then, de Gabriac has worked with a number of wellness ambassadors across the globe to increase the number of participating locations to 50 so far.

Biologique Recherche is the first official sponsor of the event.

To join in, organise a 60-minute fun and creative wellness activity to attract guests, then register online to appear on the World Wellness Map.

For the complete list of participating locations and associations, visit