Kids’ digi-detox launches in Sardinia

Chia Laguna, Italian Hospitality Collection’s five-star family resort, has launched a series of "Mini Mindfulness" activities to encourage stressed-out and square-eyed kids to log off, relax and reconnect.

Designed to help little ones step away from screens, build confidence and recharge, activities at the Sardinia resort include smiling yoga, al-fresco painting, smoothie-making and homemade spa treatments.

Each day at the resort’s kids’ club starts with a “little muscle awakening”, a series of simple exercises designed to soothe both body and mind.

The physical activity continues with “smiling yoga”, a technique combining laughter with yoga and breathing exercises, promoting physical expression, emotional development and leadership skills.  

Kids can also enjoy tours of Chia Laguna’s herbal garden where aspiring botanists can learn to recognise and use various herbs for food and health purposes. 

Using the herbs they have foraged, kids can create their very own relaxing facemasks or refreshing mocktails under the guidance of one of the resort’s expert barmen.