Global Wellness Institute granted non-profit status in the US

Above: Susie Ellis speaking at the Global Wellness Summit in Morocco in 2014

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has been given nonprofit status by the Internal Revenue Service in the US. The status, granted under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, means the GWI is able to accept tax-deductible financial support from backers interested in furthering its work.

An education foundation for the global wellness industry, the GWI is an umbrella organisation that also includes the Global Wellness Summit and the website Wellness Evidence.

Centered on educating businesses and the general public about wellness, the work of the GWI includes carrying out research and hosting roundtable discussions on the topic.

The Wellness Evidence website was setup to provide medical evidence, including clinical studies, that will help consumers looking for alternative health solutions make informed decisions.

Susie Ellis, chairman and chief executive of the GWI, said: "Our mission is to empower wellness worldwide by facilitating cross-industry collaboration and providing proprietary global research with the ultimate vision of ensuring optimal wellbeing for people everywhere."

The 2015 Global Wellness Summit will be held at the St Regis Mexico City on November 13-15.