Glowing Flow retreat founders launch spa team programme

Glowing Flow retreat programme founders Patrizia Bortolin and Stefano Battaglia have developed a special programme specifically for spa teams. 

The Glowing Flow Spa Team Retreat is designed to provide a more wellness-centric twist on traditional staff training, and will give spa team members from receptionist through to manager opportunities for self-discovery to aid them in enhancing guest experience at their place of work. 

Bortolin and Battaglia will visit the spa or wellness destination to carry out the training. 

The exact programme is tailored depending on the specific needs of the team, but may include daily workshops on understanding guests and personalisation, mindful running sessions, personalised coaching with both Battaglia and Bortolin, a group colour session, happiness coaching class, a psycho-aromatherapy session and yoga nidra classes. 

Suitable for spas serving the “luxury wellness traveller market”, the programme will focus on honing staff members’ ability to deliver “nuanced, elegant and world-class service”. 

Former spa director Patrizia Bortolin has 15 years’ experience developing spa projects around the world and specialised in healing and happiness programmes, teaching yoga nidra, mindfulness and psycho-aromatherapy. She was recently opening wellness director at Euphoria Retreat in Greece, and worked at Italian wellness destination Borgo Egnazia as creator and manager of Vair Spa. 

Battaglia is a bodywork therapist who combines mindfulness, coaching and holistic body techniques, specialising in “trauma touch skills”. He was head therapist and concept supervisor at Borgo Egnazia from 2013-2017, where he worked with Bortolin.