Google reveals most popular beauty searches of 2015

“Red lipstick” was the second most popular beauty related search term in 2015 according to Google.

The company revealed the terms searched for most frequently throughout the year using the search engine, and while red lipstick came out second most popular, “dark lipstick” was the sixth most searched for beauty term, followed by “brown eyeshadow” at number seven on the list.

MAC Cosmetics’ colour collection in collaboration with 2015’s live-action Cinderella re-make was number three on the list, while the tenth most searched for term was “Bare Minerals make-up”, available in selected salons.

In the UK, “face cream” was the most popular search term including the word “face”. Delving deeper, the seventh most searched for term including “face cream” was “Clarins face cream”. “Face mask” was the second most popular search term including “face”.

More people searched for “beauty salon London” than for salons in any other part of the country, followed by “beauty salon Glasgow”, “Manchester” and “Bristol”. 

Consumers apparently remained as body image-obsessed as ever in 2015, with “How to lose belly fat” and “How to lose weight quickly” in the top three “How to…?” searches of the year.