Guest blog: 3 ways to boost your retail sales

Published 27th May 2016 by PB Admin
Guest blog: 3 ways to boost your retail sales

Pete Scott is a business trainer and managing director of Spa Beauty Success – an online learning platform aimed at salon and spa owners looking to improve their business skills. He reveals how you can improve your retail sales in three easy steps

In 2016 it's crucial to understand that our clients buying behaviours are very different to a few years ago. Yet, for some reason, the spa and beauty industry hasn't caught up yet in how it trains its professionals to succeed in retailing. 

The old way of selling meant that an approach of showing the product, demonstrating its benefits and even giving a tester was enough. But a decade ago we were only just entering the “information era” – so our clients still put a lot of trust in their therapist to tell them what to do.

Today, with the power of the internet, our clients have access to every piece of information on skincare, products and wellness that they could ever ask for – plus thousands of user reviews. The client, in a sense, has become the expert – or so they would like to think. 

With all that said, does this mean that we can’t sell retail products in 2016 like we did 10 years ago? Absolutely. We just need to know how to change our approach to inspire and educate our clients to want to buy. 

Here’s three ways you can do that:

1. Sell packages not indivdual products
One of the main reasons why clients don’t buy is because we’re still selling individual products. The last thing a client wants is another product to put on their shelf in the bathroom that they (probably) wont use. 

When I train salon and spa owners in sales I tell them to never sell an individual product again, but to focus instead on putting together a solution for the client – a prescription of products – that will get results. 

2. People knowledge always sells better than product knowledge
I’m being a little bit controversial here but the product houses will always train professionals to know their products and every ingredient inside out.  However, you are probably already aware that this does not sell. 

Your client really doesn’t care about which ocean the active ingredient was extracted from, your client cares about feeling better and getting results. Areas you and your team should be learning about from today to start improving your retail is: having the mind-set to sell, building on your sales skills and techniques, and improving your communication skills.

If you’re not investing time and energy into learning these skills, then you’ll be missing out on retail sales.

3. Start everyday with a 10-minute sales training session
Every professional would love to improve their retail sales but very few actually do anything about it.  It’s like wanting to lose weight but not exercising or eating right.

To improve you must take 10 minutes’ minimum per day to learn about sales techniques with your team – approaches that work etc. Knowledge sharing is everything.

Do the above and watch your sales fly.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th May 2016

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