Guest blog: Dr Terry Loong on natural ways to tackle acne

Published 28th Aug 2015 by PB Admin
Guest blog: Dr Terry Loong on natural ways to tackle acne

When PB North returns to Manchester Central on September 20-21, it will bring visitors a packed seminar schedule from key industry players full of business advice and new advancements to boost your salon, spa or clinic. In the run up to the show we'll be giving you a sneak peak of what to expect from some of the speakers. 

Speaker spotlight: Dr Terry Loong, medical director of the Skin Energy Clinic, will talk about natural ways to tackle acne as part of the Advanced Treatments programme at 13.00 on Monday, September 21.

What will you will be discussing during your talk?

My talk will be slightly different than the one I did in London, based on the feedback I received. For the Manchester show, I will touch on the common causes of hormonal acne. I’ll also address the hormonal fluctuations that a therapist should be aware of and when to seek medical treatment. I’ll talk about how the skin changes according to the menstrual cycle due to the changes in hormones and how to match the best treatment for maximum results. 

What is one simple activity clients can do to help balance their hormones?

Remember to manage their breathing.

How can salons improve their treatment offering for acne sufferers?

By providing supporting materials, such as detox or simple food plans, or stress management tools and making sure they know who to refer to if things get worse. Learn to extract the skin well – effectively yet safely and gently. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 28th Aug 2015

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