Guest blog: your intimate waxing FAQs answered

Sam Marshall, waxing expert, owner of The Beauty Guru in Manchester and Professional Beauty London speaker, reveals everything you need to know about intimate waxing – from calming client nerves to making the treatment a highly profitable service in your salon.

There are some common problems therapists face when conducting a female intimate wax – from client positioning and ingrown hairs to the wax not coming off, and the hairs not coming out effectively, to name just a few.

To help you make the treatment a highly profitable service in your salon, I’ve answered some of the most common intimate waxing FAQS:

Q. Do you ask your client to trim?
A. I always say no. Clients always lift the hair like they’re a hairdresser and chop it off way too short, making my job harder. I like clients to come in natural. I then use trimmers – neck trimmers that a barber would use – to trim to the hair to the perfect length for waxing.

Q. What is a Brazilian?
A. So, this varies by region and even country (Scotland is all off!), but the official Habia explanation is all off underneath and a landing strip at the front.

Q. Can you wax clients who are on their period?
Of course, as a therapist I really don’t care about bodily fluids. If I did I would definitely be in the wrong job. As long as they have a clean tampon in, or Moon Cups are awesome for waxing, then why not? I just ask them to tuck the string away. I did once wax someone who was unable to wear a tampon but it was still very clean and not a problem.

Marshall spoke about this subject in greater detail in her talk “Female intimate waxing troubleshooting tips” as part of the “How to…” seminar programme  at Professional Beauty London.