A guide to concealing your clients' natural tan lines

For clients who want to camouflage their tan lines in the summer months, spray tanning is great way to make them appear less obvious. 

However, please wait to spray tan if they have any sunburn, as it may cause irritation. You should also bear in mind that as sunburn causes trauma to the skin, it can affect the outcome of your spray tan, so may not take as well on burnt or previously burnt skin.

I would advise you to go slightly darker than the client’s usual shade if you’re looking to even out tan lines from the sun. This will help even out the skin tone and help disguise the lines better. It is best to take a multi-approach that includes a handheld tan solution before you spray tan them. For the paler parts of skin, use a cosmetic sponge to blend and apply tanning solution. This isn’t going to colour match perfectly to the client’s tan, but it will even out the skin as key preparation.

Next, once the tan is completely dry, begin to spray tan with a light coat of your airbrush solution to even out the tan lines further and mask their appearance. I have found using a fast-drying solution is best for this paired with a hose-free spray gun for an easy-to-move spray tan, which is both seamless and enjoyable for your client.

Carrie Marsh is the VIP spray tanner at Norvell Tanning, who has tanned several celebrity clients including cast members on Strictly Come Dancing.

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