55% of social media users self-conscious about showing off their natural skin

More than half (55%) of social media users are self-conscious about their appearance, specifically their natural skin, discovered a body confidence survey by skincare brand Skin Proud.

More than a third (40%) attributed this lack of confidence in their natural skin to comparing themselves with others, while more than a quarter (28%) claimed they felt a pressure to look a certain way, the report found.

The vicious cycle of comparison continues with more than a fifth (21%) of those surveyed stating that their friends’ appearances had affected their self-confidence, while a further 20% claimed their confidence was affected by the appearance of complete strangers on social media.

This study shows the impact that filters and edited photos on social media can have on clients confidence and self-esteem.

This consumer research was conducted by Skin Proud to explore confidence levels and how they relate to social media, specifically the use of filters and beauty products.

These findings follow news that 47% of women don’t feel prepared for the menopause, and that Brits spend an average of £400 on beauty products each.

Image provided by Skin Proud.