Brits spend on average £400 on beauty products each year

Published 23rd Jul 2020 by PB Admin
Brits spend on average £400 on beauty products each year

British women spend on average £400 on cosmetics every year and own at least 24 products at any one time, found a survey by discount specialists Picodi.

More than a third (38%) surveyed said they purchase cosmetics when they are discounted, 35% buy when their cosmetics have run out and 27% treat themselves to products whenever they want to, the report found.

When asked the reasons for picking particular cosmetics, price (74%) came out as the most important factor, followed by brand name (56%), ingredients (34%), own preferences (28%), influencer recommendations (23%), specialists’ tips (23%) and friends’ opinions (16%). 

However, 41% said they would purchase more premium cosmetics “occasionally” and 28% always buy them, showing that price isn’t a key factor for everyone, the report found.  

When it comes to investing in more eco-friendly products, 67% will only buy these options when the price is reasonable, while 21% will purchase them no matter the price, and 12% don’t care about the ecological aspect of cosmetics.

Additionally, according to the women surveyed, the average make-up bag contains six lipsticks, three lip liners, three blushes, three mascaras, five nail polishes and five eyeshadows.

Stats on British women’s make-up use 

More than half (58%) of the women surveyed said they use make-up “sometimes”; 27% use it daily and 15% state they only use it on special occasions, the report found. 

21% of women claim they take less than five minutes doing their make-up, while almost half (48%) take five-to-15 minutes, and 31% 15–30 minutes.

In the UK, the most popular cosmetics are lipstick and lip gloss (64%), foundation (51%) and mascara (46%).

Mascara was the most popular cosmetic for Ireland, Germany and Spain, whereas lipstick and lip gloss topped the charts in the USA and Australia.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 23rd Jul 2020

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