3 strategies to welcome clients back safely and seamlessly to your salon

As salons begin to reopen their doors and with restrictions on face treatments lifting from August 1, your clients will be keen to book in for their favourite treatments. However, with procedures such as track and trace and social distancing becoming part of the norm in your salon, there are steps you can take to make reopening as safe and seamless as possible for both you, your team and your clients.

1. Pre-send consultation forms to clients 

With clients unable to fill out forms in your salon’s waiting area, sending consultation forms in advance can help make the process more seamless. Phorest’s new prepare and protect tool can help you achieve this. You can pre-send consultation forms and disclaimers to clients and get all the information you need to prepare for their appointment before they arrive in the salon. 

The client smart cards, containing disclaimers and consent boxes as well as the custom-made consultation forms, can now be pre-sent to all your clients via SMS or email, making communication with your clients that much easier as it means you can reach every client in your database. 

The digital consultation forms and client smart cards are not only safe and GDPR compliant, but they also allow you to track and trace if necessary; a key procedure while operating in the new normal. 

2. Protect your salon staff and clients against coronavirus  

Keeping your staff and clients safe and healthy is more important than ever before. Face masks, visors and gloves are great ways to do just that, however, so is asking your clients the necessary questions before they enter your salon. 

The Client Smart Card and Digital Consultation forms include Covid-specific disclaimers to make sure all risks are addressed so you and your team can carry out your five-star experience in safety and confidence. 

3. Keep your salon clean, safe and hygienic  

Not only do the Covid-specific disclaimers protect your staff and clients, but pre-sending forms to your clients’ own devices in advance of their appointment make the following a thing of the past: 

-       Sharing touch screens amongst staff and clients in the salon 

-       Waiting in close contact with clients whilst they sign their client card and/or consultation form

-       A busy waiting room with clients completing their consultation form  

Implementing Phorest’s salon software will make re-opening your business as smooth and stress-free as possible, helping you to focus on welcoming your clients back to your salon.

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