Harley Street Skin Clinic launches franchise operation

Harley Street Skin Clinic has announced plans to branch out past London by launching a franchise model. 

The clinic will offer franchisees access to the business's referral process around the country, as well as the opportunity to offer advanced treatments that were only available in London prior to the announcement.

The flagship clinic’s core team will monitor, train and support sister clinics, providing guidance in site selection, tailored training plans, financial viability checks, business planning advice, management and operational software programmes.

Franchisees will also receive full brand support from the Harley Street Skin website and social media sites.

Harley Street Skin Clinic was co-founded in 2006 by husband and wife duo cosmetic doctor Dr Aamer Khan and skincare expert Lesley Reynolds. The clinic offers a wide range of surgical and minimally invasive treatments.

The announcement follows a recent rise in popularity for aesthetic treatments, attributed in part to a greater interest from the male population and an increased take-up from older demographics.

Market & Markets reported that the aesthetic market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 10.8%, increasing the market value to £10.3 billion pounds, with 78.9% consisting of clinics offering minimally invasive procedures, such as thread lifts, botox and dermal filler.

Applications to apply for a franchised operation are now open.

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