Hate admin? Love your customers? We have the product for you

Published 31st Jul 2017 by PB Admin
Hate admin? Love your customers? We have the product for you

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When you work hard, you need hardworking tech. That’s why you need the latest and greatest technology developments that can help improve your business.

One such product is My Business Hub – an innovative smart till system from payments processor Worldpay. The whole point of technology is that it makes our lives easier, and My Business Hub delivers on that promise. An all-in-one point-of-sale system, it simplifies your everyday admin tasks, leaving you to focus on spending time with your customers – and build your business in the process.

Not only does it automatically cash up at the end of the day, My Business Hub is packed with smart tools like My Business Dashboard – an online account capturing all critical data relating to your salon, including everything from card sales to settlements and invoices.

The founder of Beyond Beauty in Birmingham has seen the benefits of My Business Hub for herself: “The dashboard shows everything we need. Whereas before we had to wait for a statement, now we can see the sales, what’s coming through and what’s not, even our best sellers… Plus you can work from home and still see what’s going on. The confidence it gives me knowing the girls are fine when I’m not there is fantastic.”

Her partner continues: “My Business Hub fitted in to the salon fantastically – not only does it look the part so customers get the feeling you’re up to date, we’re a lot more comfortable with this machine. It helps us with the day-to-day running of the business by giving us a better oversight of takings, helps us work everything out, and ultimately it saves us a lot of time.”

For more information, contact Worldpay on 0808 208 5172 or search My Business Hub.



PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 31st Jul 2017


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