How to help your spa clients improve their sleep routine

While we sleep, the brain processes emotions and memories. When we cut that short, we tend to have more negative emotional reactions and fewer positive ones. 

When we don’t get adequate sleep, our bodies becomes stressed, and our cortisol levels rise. Harnessing the power of sleep requires the brain, mind, and body to be in a relaxed state before bedtime. 

How we prepare ourselves for bed, both mentally and physically, is as important as how many hours’ sleep we get.  

Investing in a bedtime routine is a great way for your spa clients to set themselves up for the restful night that they deserve. 

As a spa professional, you can advise them on how to do this by creating a comfortable and clean sleep environment with fresh sheets and dim lights. 

While sipping on a warm beverage after a soothing bath is a perfect way to unwind, we don’t always have the time or energy to prepare it. Using a pillow spray is a simple yet effective way to help clients drift off feeling more relaxed and at ease.  

Suggest clients try VOYA’s new Pillow Heaven luxurious spray to envelope them in tranquillity with notes of camomile, and lavender, designed to be spritzed onto the pillow before bedtime to help clients enjoy a peaceful slumber. 

Advise them to simply spray a light mist on their pillow, and within moments they can transform their bedtime routine from the ordinary to the divine. A little goes a long way. The relaxing pillow spritz disperses with the natural sleep movement, ensuring the soothing scent continues throughout the night.

This is a sponsored post in association with VOYA.