Hilton hotels group launches new in-room wellness concept

Hilton in-room wellness

The Hilton hotels group has launched a new in-room wellness concept that offers guests fitness equipment, tutorials, protein drinks and mindfulness aids.

The Five Feet to Fitness concept is part of a strategy to offer a more modern and inclusive fitness offering for those who prefer to work out in the privacy of their own room or want greater workout flexibility during their stay.

Hilton senior director of global wellness Ryan Crabbe said: “No matter how determined people are to make healthy decisions at home, the ability to replicate those choices is often not as accessible as it should be while traveling.”

The new room category features 11 different types of fitness equipment and accessories, plus the fitness kiosk, a touchscreen display that provides equipment tutorials and fitness videos.

Among the other equipment is the Wattbike for indoor cycling, and a meditation chair for mindfulness. The rooms also feature blackout shades to aid sleep and a selection of protein drinks.

Five Feet to Fitness launched in the group’s San Francisco and Virginia properties with the plan to roll it out to other destinations after a trial period.